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So there are a few years when we are in Union you’re in European Union. So, once that the border was open terms of my people from here, they was going outside, they was working, they was changing their habits. So if you think that in your place, you are not so respected because there are people with a they are really not. They are not feel very good in their homes, so you know that here you have unfriend.

You know that here you have somebody which can teaching you to make money, so you can come personally like that is not a problem for you to visit me. You were gon na rent, an hotel, you’re gon na stay for one week. If you like, I will go travel.

I was showing you around the places and I can teaching you either to make money playing online casino. Now all this personal training with me cost 5,000 euros. So the DVD is 5k euros and the training personal training is 5000 euros. Now I know that sounds for many of you sounds that it’s it’s it’s a little bit expensive or anyway. If you need to know that, I know it was a struggle for you right now. I know that was hard for me time to find that.

But you need to see beyond that, because what it is beyond that, it’s that think about to a businessperson off to somebody which is very, very powerful in your area. Think about imagine one person I’ll think about to one player, one one actor from from movies and think about right now, if you were gon na, have this person as your friend how much money was supposed to invest to have that knowledge, which he has now think About that here in gambling industry there are still 99 % of the people which they think that casinos wins always now think about. Now here is a place where it’s so important for you and so much money you can make because 99 % of the people they are still against gambling industry. They are still think that you cannot make money on roulette because they have never win on gambling. You understand now what I’m teaching you is, of course, it’s something that it’s basically the secret, it’s the knowledge so think about it.

Once you have this knowledge, you can’t forget her think about that. There is people which you will want to meet in your area which they have tons of of a problem with gambling or tons of problem in their games. So once you are in that area, once you were gon na have the secret on on gambling on the led, you will see that in any casino you will gon na go. You will want to make money what it’s, what it’s change in your life once you make money once you make money from casinos, it changed that you were gon na, be in the same place. Where there will be billionaires, there will be millionaires. There will be person which day going around casinos to spend one hundred thousand two hundred thousand five hundred thousand euros only for let’s say to spend their time now once that you are family, temel IRAs, with with this this secret, you will want to make this amount Of money – and you can stay in that around of people of VIPs.

So this is why you need to think first not to the amount of money you invest, but to the amount of money and the people you were gon na meet once you know the secret, because it wasn’t subject a few days ago about somebody which is doctor. So all his life, he was working as doctor and he has tons of money money, but he doesn’t know where to invest the money because he wasn’t having time to think on financial freedom because he was always working as a doctor and this problem there are tons Of problem of this one and this problem to not knowing what to do with the money is one of the problem which it’s it’s an epidemic worldwide, you understand. So this is a problem which are right now worldwide, because the people have money and they don’t know what to do with the money. So it’s a problem guys, one second Adamo’s on hello, hello, Maria hello, Maria. I call you I called you.

I call you. I will call you later because right now, I’m doing something I come as home. I got your money, it’s okay! I received the money and I will. I will say that you right now on the on skype.

I will come: okay, oh okay, Mari okay. Yes, yes, Maria. Okay, thank thank you. We talk.

We talk later bye, bye, so guys there is. There is something which you need to understand and once you once you have this knowledge. What what it brings you my knowledge about gambling industry?

It is that it’s giving you the possibility to change your habits now think about it. If you was not happy until right now, there is not that you don’t have money or you don’t have a good place or a good life. What it is. What is it’s? It’S it’s an empty inside you. It is that people which are the same with you.

You understand what I mean. So if you see that, let’s, let’s take an example, you go around your city and the people which you see you. Don’T you don’t see that connection with them, so you don’t have that connection with them now. This is because why your place is in other place, you understand so once once you have once you have this, this knowledge, which I teaching you you can change your habits in any place in the world. You understand what you were gon na need.

It will gon na be a laptop, an Internet and apply the secret, which I have you understand, applying the secret, which I have it were gon na bring you that level of happiness. You search. So, even if your lawyer, if you fear, if he, if you are a doctor, if you are a casual person and modest person, whatever you are whatever person you are, if you are a woman, if you are a man that doesn’t mean this, if you are woman, If you are man, it doesn’t matter what you are, what it’s it’s matter, it’s how you treat the present now think about it.

My knowledge, it’s a knowledge which can bring you as Puff Daddy. It will bringing you inside the music industry. You understand now think about that. If you wan na choose to sing – and you choose that Puff Daddy to be your manager or somebody which invest in you, you need to pay him. You understand now is the same here and now I don’t want to to put me as it is Puff Daddy, but in gambling industry I am like Puff Daddy. You understand, because here I am a master now.

This is why I can change your life in a better life. I don’t know if you are struggling right now, if you are not, but if you were gon na meet me as a person, you will want to see that anyway, even if we talk on the phone, your level of confidence, it will gon na change you, because I’Ve seen my customers, my clients, there are people which they going in super beds and they are so struggling and once they call me and a John, I am so confident when I call with you and the game is start to go in good. Why? Because I III give this energy this confidence, okay, because I know what I’m doing once you know what I’m doing once you know exactly what I’m doing, and I invest my time in you.