The Internet and the lottery: a match made in gambling heaven

While many lotteries around the world are reporting losses in a time of financial uncertainty for many countries, the U.K. National Lottery has been doing just fine. In fact, it’s one of the few lotteries worldwide that has seen an increase in sales this past year. Even more noteworthy, it reported an increase in sales the year before that, too. So are British people simply better off than most? Are Brits more likely to play their numbers no matter what’s going on in other countries?

Not necessarily. One factor that has been instrumental in making the U.K. National Lottery such a hit is the Internet, and the increasing frequency of online sales has provided a major source of revenue. Actually, we shouldn’t beat around the bush and say increasing frequency and major revenue sales have increased by more than 600%, when you combine the Internet, text messaging and interactive TV! That number is staggering, and the U.K. National Lottery has been reaping the benefits.

Perhaps using online casinos as a model since everyone knows what a phenomenon online gambling has become the U.K. National Lottery’s decision to expand its services into new and untested sectors has been financially prudent, to say the least. Expect other lotteries around the world to follow the U.K.’s example, which is to say, to follow the example of online casinos, poker rooms and sports books. It seems to be a proven fact that many people feel comfortable and safe making their bets from their home computer, and we expect this trend to continue on both ends of the gambling spectrum gamblers and the institutions where those gamblers place their bets.