Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE – 4K

In the first episode of my search for the perfect CPU cooler you witnessed the power of Arctic Freezer 12, cooler that prooved everyone that tiny dimensions dont necessarily mean weak performance. After that, you all saw that Chinese All in One abomination, that struggled even to compete with some BOX coolers. Today however, you`re gonna see another cooler from Arctic`s lineup, but this one is gonna try to go after the legend itself – CM Hyper 212. Hi, Vladimir here, and today I`m gonna test the new Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE cooler not to be confused with the eSports Edition, because as the name states this one comes with only one fan. By getting rid off the one Bionix fan from the push-pull configuration, Arctic created a new entry in the series with adequately reduced final price aswell.

And of course, I am gonna test this cooler with the second fan, just to see if you really need to spend those 10€ more for the eSports Edition. Arctic eSports ONE is your regular tower CPU cooler by the basic design, but when you look a bit closer you`re gonna find that this one is designed with a lot more care for the important details than the most other entries in this price range. For starters, during installation you`re gonna discover that eSports ONE will never be in conflict with RAM, no matter how wide or tall that RAM is.

Visually it looks stunning, especially when you compare it to previously tested Freezer 12. Matte black finish, and an extremely interesting Bionix fan, bring a lot of style to the whole package. I especially got lucky with mine, since good people from Arctic sent me this black&red edition, which fits perfectly with my Silverstone case. The one thing that stood out here, was definately the way Arctic designs their cooler`s base.

Main difference here, from all the others, is that the base it self is not as big as the CPU`s IHS. It covers only the most important section of the IHS, the one that really generates all the heath. Because of that heath dissipation is quicker than usual, especially when you have 4 copper heatpipes that can quickly transfer it to 49 Alu fins in total. From that point on, 120mm Bionix fan taks care of the rest.

And the fan is very different than anything you`ll see form the competition at Malaysian online casino. It operates between 200-1800rpm, but it also comes with an in-line adapter or socket for another Bionix fan. This adapter allows them to synchronize their rotation`s on the fly, and of course achieve best cooling performance. In the box you`re actually getting the mounting mechanisms for another 120mm fan, which will allow you to transform this eSports ONE to eSports Edition, if you choose so. When it comes to the most important part of this video, real use testing, I opted for comparing it to every other CPU cooler I`ve tested recently.

After that I wanted to check out how will it operate when I install the second fan on to it, and for the final battle I`ve put it against AMD`s finest – Wraith MAX box cooler, which comes with their top tier Ryzen 7 consumer chips. With only 26 degrees celsius as average in IDLE, and maximum of only 48 degrees celsius during my half hour Prime 95 testing period, it`s easy to conclude that eSports ONE wins in every possible scenario. The one thing I didnt expect was how little of the difference would a push-pull configuration bring to the table, but have in mind that I only experimented here with this Raidmax fan with no PWM. In the end, it`s pretty clear to see that Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE takes advantage of the full potential that was presented with it`s introduction. Interesting CPU base design, extremely quiet and efficient fan, matte black finish for a touch of elegance, and a very desirable possibilty of a future upgrade (2nd fan) …

I dont think that you can get all of this even with coolers that double this one`s price. here – all of that actually shows in the every day use scenarios, it`s not just on paper, and that`s what makes this Freezer 33 eSports ONE one of the best cooling options for the summer.